Mano Le Tough (presented by PIXI)

A little patience goes a long way. Mano Le Tough (a.k.a. Niall Mannion) is proof of that. These days, the Irish-born DJ, producer, and label owner is one of the most celebrated names in underground house and techno, but his ascent didn’t happen overnight; as recently as a few years ago, Mano was just another expat DJ eking out a meager living in Berlin. His early days in the city certainly weren’t easy, but Berlin did offer one thing in particular: plenty of opportunities to play. Mano’s eclectic style, which often includes forays into assorted strains of house, techno, disco, new wave, and more, is the direct byproduct of his many long nights in the DJ booth, not to mention his absolute dedication to the craft. It was also in Berlin that his production talents truly blossomed, and Mano soon began releasing 12-inches for a variety of labels, including Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal as well as Permanent Vacation, who issued his widely lauded debut full-length, Changing Days, in 2013 as well as its follow-up, Trails in 2015. Currently based in Zurich he is now the owner of his own label, upcoming Maeve as well as a staple of the international DJ circuit.

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