Sascha Ring, aka Apparat, regards his moving out of the east German provincial backwater to Berlin in 1997 as one of his best decisions ever made. Since 1999 he runs, together with T. Raumschmiere, the Berlin based record label “Shitkatapult” – a venturous music catapult that dashes a wild mixture of great music onto the turntables of the world. Apparat is the bridge over the German gap of melancholic glitch between Manchester and Laptop-USA. In his studio, dense, dark and majestic clouds of elegiac pop and heavy Electronica built up to a coherent and emotionally charged atmosphere, while classical instruments like violin and cello, saxophone and clarinet, are masterly orchestrated by Apparat as the Maestro of his computer. Live, on the other hand, the dance floor seems to be repelled to rave from the Bermuda Triangle with its axes Techno, IDM and Elektro. His work as Moderat, along with Modeselektor, has offered audiences some of the best electronic music of the last two decades and like all these were not enough his latest scope of activity with the cinema, theater and, most recently TV (Netflix’s “Dark”) has gained him even greater recognition and awards.

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