Anestie Gomez

Confident solely in controversy, Anestie only stands still in the utmost moments of insanity, as if for emphasis. Born in Athens, Greece, on a rainy day in the long forgotten 80’s, Anestie always had an innate and nearly insatiable passion for music. Musical inspiration came in the form of psychedelic rock ’n’ roll of the 70’s and metal of the 80’s, and Anestie breathed music from that moment on.
In the late 90’s as he began to explore the nightlife and clubs around him, DJing seemed to be the natural next step, and without hesitation he bought a pair of turntables in 2001 and slowly began building a record collection, mastering his skills, and honing his talent. It wasn’t long before he started playing out and gaining recognitions from peers and industry members alike.
Gigs followed shortly, with the likes of RPR, Cabanne, Valentino Kanzyani, Margaret Dygas, Onur Ozer, Seuil, Kassem Mosse, Soul Capsule and everyone in between, in places like Fabric in London and Rodnya in Moscow, Ephemere in Strasbourg and Tokyo, Japan as well as residencies at Six D.O.G.S in Athens, Klubd in Cyprus and ReSolute in Brooklyn and a new live project together with Lemos as “Assumers”. In between gigs, Anestie is A&R manager for the label DisDat, which is steadily growing out to be a well known imprint. He’s producing music with upcoming releases on respected labels such as Nervmusic, Pluie/Noir, All inn and Project London.

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